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Take your child to the next level in their game

Do you want to get the best out of their potential?

Albany United has teamed up with Jordan Cooper from Coops Football Coaching. Jordan will be running 1-2-1 football coaching sessions through our club in blocks of 4 or 8 sessions. 

The purpose of these sessions, which will be an hour long, is to improve your child's individual game whether it be the following:

  • First touch - The way you receive a pass. Thinking ahead of where you want your first touch to go. Forward for your attack or maybe you have a defender in front of you so its away from the defender.

  • Passing - Passing a ball to the side you want your team to receive it. Giving verbal instructions. Thinking of the bigger picture.

  • Striking the ball/Finishing - Are you just shooting or is there a skill to it? Are you aiming to place it in the bottom corner or top corner curled?

  • Creating Space - The fine art of dropping the shoulder and leaving your defender giving you more time on the ball.

  • Vision - Thinking 2 steps ahead. Knowing where you want to pass the ball before receiving it. Reading the game and making the right run/movements.

and much much more

All players receive the following: 

Specific tailor made session plans ✅
End of term technical review player report ✅
Custom date and time for training ✅
In depth professional 1 on 1 training ✅
One of the most affordable 1 on 1 sessions in Auckland ✅
Coops Football Coaching Nike training shirt. (Compulsorily to wear, one off fee applies)

Please register below for either the 4 or 8 sessions, or email our Director of Football Andrew at director@albanyunited.org if you have any questions. 

One to one Football Coaching

1 on 1 football coaching vastly improves three sides of football which are the physical, mental and the technical sides. I will work with your son or daughter to provide in depth professional coaching that they wouldn't receive when working in groups. When training in groups, players only touch the ball roughly 50+ touches per training. But with our 1 on 1 football training the player will get a minimum of 250+ touches on the ball! Book by clicking on the button blow.



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