Calendar and Festivals

Season Calendar for Juniors and Seniors

The season calendar for 2022 is now available,see left.

Easter school holiday programme

The Easter holiday programme will cover a number of core skills where players can improve and develop. This is a great chance for players to receive high quality training before the start of the season in May!. Click on the button to the right to register.

Dates: 26th - 28th april

2022 Festivals

9th grade festival -  22nd May (reserve day 29th May)

10th grade Festival - 19th June (reserve day 26th June)

11th grade Festival - 31st July (reserve day 7th august) 

12th grade Festival - 14th August (reserve day 21st August)

13th and 14th grade Festival - 4th September (reserve day 11th September)

North Harbour Festival (First Kicks) - 2nd October

Individual Team Sponsorship available

We are thrilled to announce we have Individual Team Sponsorship available this year for all of our teams. There are 3 different packages to chose from for each team. This sponsorship will hugely benefit the teams, and relieve some of the fundraising pressure they have all done themselves in the past. It's a great branding opportunity for our local businesses to get behind children's sports.

Ref's Course expressions of interest

POSTPONED until later in the season.
This will be an introduction to those taking up some refereeing this year, or a refresher for those who have done some in the past. From experience, taking a course is very useful in improving your refereeing and helping you deal with any situations that arise on match day.
Please register your interest below so we can advise you when a new date has been set.

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Individual Coaching sessions open

Andrew Mobberley, our Director of Football, is available for one on one sessions for players. Focusing on improving players techniques and awareness, these one hour sessions are extremely beneficial for any player wanting to improve to the next level in their game.

Photos from 2019

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