Understanding MyComet

In the 2018 season NZFootball "revamped the registration process for all those involved in football by introducing MyCOMET, a self-service member profile and registration portal for members of the game. Whether you are a player, coach or referee, you can use your MyCOMET to login to the National Registration System and view and manage your own personal information, as well as register to your club and purchase registration fees."

We have the following details from them-

What is MyCOMET?
MyCOMET is the online member profile and registration portal for all members for football in New Zealand. Whether you are registering to play for your club for the season, or to a coach/referee course, MyCOMET is your one stop location for football registration in New Zealand.

I have forgotten my MyCOMET login details. What do I do?
If you cannot remember your login details, use the MyCOMET Lookup service to have your details sent to your email address. If you do not receive a password reset notification, then please check your junk/spam file.
MyCOMET Lookup
If you have still not received your credentials, please get in touch with your club for further assistance.

I am new to the game and do not have a MyCOMET profile. What do I do?
If you do not have a MyCOMET profile, simply create a new one by selecting the Sign Up link from the login page: MyCOMET Login

What do I do if I have more than one MyCOMET record?
There may be times when a new MyCOMET profile has been created for you even though you already have an existing MyCOMET profile. If you think that you have more than one MyCOMET profile, please get in touch with your club or federation to ensure that all your information is under one roof.

How do I register for the season?
Log into MyCOMET and select Register. From there you can type in the name of the club you want to register to, then select and purchase one of the registration items that they have made available.
Remember, if you are registering to a different club to the one that you are currently registered at, you will need to contact your old club to terminate your registration.


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