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Email Contacts

For all general enquiries, please email: clubmanager@albanyunited.org

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AUFC stand for?

AUFC is an abbreviation for Albany United Football Club.

What Grade will a player be in?

Simply put players will generally be in the same grade as the age they turn during the calendar year 1st Jan-31st Dec. ie. If turning 10 this year, you will play in 10th Grade. Our policy is that players play in their correct grade, however exceptions can be made if there is a valid reason for it (within the boundaries of AFF Regulations).

Do you have girls and womens only teams?

We endeavour to form girls-only teams for under 17-year olds where there is interest and numbers. Otherwise if the player prefers, girls play in mixed teams entered in AFF Boys leagues.

We also have a womens only team in the senior space, an area of which we are striving to expand.

What season is football?

Winter football is generally most common and is played between the months of April and August.

We also organise our own Summer Football Tournaments which teams from all clubs and schools are invited to participate in.

Who coaches and manages the teams?

AUFC is a not-for-profit sports organisation run by a large group of volunteers, because of this we rely on parents', and senior players' input to help coach and manage the teams. From 2020 we are increasing our Coaching and Refeering Courses available to teams with the help of generous grant funding, as well as running coaches meetings bi-monthly. 

We also offer Cluster Training's for First Kicks teams to all train together and for coaches to learn from each other.

Team managers will be set up with a team template from 2020 onwards to use. A manager's main focus is to email the team updates of training, game times each week and help the coaches if required with sub rosters.

What do player Registration Fees cover?

Registration fees are charged by the Club annually and they cover the fees we have to pay per player to NZF - New Zealand Football sports association, NFF - Northern Football Federation,  and AFF - Auckland Football Federation, to be able to compete in football Club sports. The rest goes towards player costs which are made up of awards, team Kit (First Aid kits and training equipment like balls and bibs) and Club operating expenses. 

Do you have a Uniform size chart?

Players and parents will be ordering directly from the suppler for 2021, more details in the new year.

What are Tournaments?

AUFC committees organise our own Tournaments, usually on a Sunday, which are played outside of the NFF Saturday draw. They allow teams a fun opportunity to play against others outside of their grade or immediate cluster area. 

Our approach to Tournaments set us apart from other clubs as we include all skill levels not just competitive, which allows social teams to join in on the experience. This has been a huge success in 2019 with positive feedback coming through from all social teams who were very appreciative of being able to partake. 

What is the field layout?

Field layouts are detailed below, but are subject to change for First Kicks and Juniors games due to field sizing.

What do the Committee's do, and how can I join?

Each Committee is in charge of organising the grades they manage, as well as Fundraising and Tournament organisation. 

We are always looking for more Committee members, so please get in touch with the Chairman's - Junior & Youth, Seniors or our Club to join. You don't need to have a huge knowledge of football, just a passion to see our Club grow and succeed across all areas.

View all Board and Committee members here.

How can I help?

Communication is key. Our ears and Inboxes are always open and we welcome all feedback. Without feedback we cannot grow, so we would love to hear from you in regards to what is working and any areas you think we could improve.

We are always looking for Sponsors and Donations as well. If you work for, or know of, a business or organisation that would be interested in working with us please put us in touch. We look forward to growing our Club and being able to offer more to our players, their families, and the wider community, so any help we receive in being able to deliver this is always welcome.

Are your clubrooms available for hire?

Yes, our clubrooms are available for hire during the winter months. Please contact us on the form at the bottom right of the page and we will be in touch.



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